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The use and appearance of MURDUCK as a distinct surname can be documented in England from the mid-1500s, and it's usage has spread to all of the western English speaking countries. Curiously, the surname also appears to be emerging in the Greater London, England, area today, which seems to have Iranian roots.
The surname forms the base for a 'one-name' study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

A y-DNA study is under way, to consider relationships and origins of lineages where this surname figures. Any man who has this surname or one of it's many variant spellings - MURDOCK and MURDOCH, principally, but also MURDICK, MUDDOCK, and so on (see a full list on the DNA study web-site) is invited to participate.
Cost is minimal. Privacy is strictly maintained. Discoveries await.
Please visit The Murdock (and variations) Family Tree & DNA Linkage Project to learn more about this exciting aspect of genealogy and family history.

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